Speeding Offence – No Degree Of Tolerance



I think I got flashed by a Gatso the other day. I am positive I was doing no more than 35mph in a 30. I had 2 passengers who can confirm I was not speeding. This camera is just round from my house so I am well aware of it’s location.

I also had a space saver spare on could this effect the speed?

How long does it take to find out if you have been caught. Surely they allow for discrepancies in speedometers.

Louise says:

Speeding is speeding I’m afraid and if you have been flashed they will normally prosecute or offer you a fixed penalty ticket of three penalty points and a fine.

If you accept that you were doing around 35 then you accept the speeding offence. The point being that if you contest the matter you will be convicted of speeding if you admit you were doing around 35 mph, that will be treated as a confession.

I don’t mean to be blunt but speeding is a strict liability offence and the court won’t allow any leeway. The only way you can defend a speeding charge is to cast a doubt on the suggestion that you were speeding at all.

You will get a NIP within 14 days if you are the registered keeper of the car in question. There are exceptions to this rule if the police have trouble tracking you down.

I don’t know what a space saver spare is? If its a small tyre it wont affect the reading from the Gatso – I cant say if it would affect your speedometer.

Sorry. Have you got any penalty points on your licence already? If so, how many?

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