The Police Were Hiding Out Of View And Being Sneaky


I have been caught doing 86 mph in a 50 mph zone just as it turned from 70mph to 50mph and 200-400 yards before a fixed speed camera in the outside lane of a Northbound 3 lane A road (it goes into 2 lanes at the point of the fixed camera).

The picture has been taken by a parked police van that I never saw as it was in the hard shoulder on the Southbound side of the 3 Lane ( 6 in total ) A road on a bend so the picture looks like it has been taken from behind.

Is it right that a Police Car can take a picture of a car more than 3 lanes of traffic away and hidden from natural view? Is it also right that they would set up a parked vehicle just as a zone goes from 50mph – 70mph and only 200-400 yards before a fixed camera is already in place – it seems very sneaky.

As a point 4 of my colleagues have also had the same offence stretching over a 4 week period and at various times in the day.

Louise says:

That’s a really high speed and you are going to be at risk of a ban I’m afraid.

I’m afraid the police are allowed to be sneaky and the only thing the court will be interested in is whether or not their evidence is reliable.

If you can show that because of their position the evidence is not reliable then you may have a defence.

Have you got a summons to court yet? You wont get a fixed penalty offer for a speeding offence of that nature I’m afraid.

Are you a new driver? Have you got any points already?

Tell me more and I will be able to assist further.

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