Trading A Higher Fine For Penalty Points – Doesn’t Work!


My Name is x, and I have been sent a letter from x Police informing me that I have been caught on camera on the x southbound near slip marker post 1.0, x traveling at 63mph when the limit was 50mph.

I have to admit I did not see a sign indicating the speed was 50mph and since I have only had my licence for 1yr and I am extremely anxious about the 3 points and the £60 fine they are issuing me with.

I do keep to the speed limit and I don’t understand why I haven’t seen this sign or why my tom tom did not instruct me as to the speed. I have just been in the process of gradually moving myself and my family from Bradford to Sheffield and so I have had to get used to traveling on the motorway and thought I had managed okay.

I have a child with special needs and being able to drive is a necessity for us, and so many points will affect.

Louise says:

I’m afraid not seeing the speed limit sign is not a defence to speeding and if you accept that there was a sign and that you were traveling at the speed alleged then you will have to take the ticket I’m afraid.

This will put you on three points. You must not get another three penalty points within the next year or so otherwise your licence will be revoked under the new drivers act.

If you take it to court you will still get the penalty points and the only thing you will achieve is a higher fine and court costs.

Keep my details and comeback to me if anything else happens. I help over 90% of my clients avoid revocation so come back to me if anything else happens.

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