Speeding Offence


I have received a conditional offer of fixed penalty notice. I am a new driver having just passed my test in October x. This is my second speeding offence and will mean a total of six points on my licence and therefore licence revocation. I was driving at 73 mph in a 60 mph on x.

I believe I have mitigating circumstances but am unsure of what to do and need some advice. I am in the military and due to the nature of my job and location, it is essential for me to have a car, I cannot carry out my duty without one.

At the time of the offence, I was on my way to visit my partner and as I was going through a relationship breakdown at the time, was perhaps overzealous in trying to get to my destination as quickly as possible.

I am perfectly willing to accept guilt and pay the fine but am desperate to seek mitigation (or reduction to a lesser punishment) from licence revocation on the grounds that it will leave me unable to do my job.

Louise Says:

If you take the fixed penalty offer you will have your licence revoked and you will have to take a full retest. The DVLA have no discretion in that respect.

Your only hope is to reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing. At court if you accept the speed alleged you will need to try and convince the court to give you a short discretionary ban rather than the points.

Perhaps for a week or two. Hopefully you will be able to cope with that in terms of your work.

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