Father Was Sorting Insurance


I have been driving since x 10 and Last month i was stopped for no insurance. Last year, my dad paid for my insurance. I didn’t receive any notice this year from my insurance company so assumed that the cover was automatically renewed and my dad was still paying it. In feb 10, I taxed my car over the phone and it all went through OK.

At the time I was working in Newbury and driving back and forth from Wales every weekend. I now have a court date to appear at and I don’t know what is best to do? I really can’t have a ban, we live in the middle of no where!

Paula Says:

If you assumed that your dad was sorting out the insurance again then you will struggle to avoid the 6 points. If your dad implied or stated that he was going to sort it out for you then you may be able to argue special reasons to avoid the points and therefore revocation.

You are not going to get a ban. You are going to get 6-8 points and your licence revoked. You will then have to do a full retest. I appreciate that’s very similar to a ban and has the same effect whilst you are trying to pass your test again.

I can help you with this matter and we argue special reasons very successfully in similar circumstances.

We have almost a 90% success rate in helping new drivers avoid revocation.

Come back to me if if I can help further with this matter and we can have a chat. I would charge a fixed fee (see our fees here ) to represent you and we can sometimes get the case withdrawn if the arguments are strong.

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