Speeding – Officer’s Word Against Mine?


Pulled over for speeding, I was on a 40 mph road, the officer was alone in his car and used a hand held gun, there was traffic around me including a car in front that I think was going faster than me as we overtook a truck, the officer tells me I was in excess of 60mph.

I really think this is not the case, what is the likelihood of a false reading, and as the officer was alone in the car and I was not recorded (on the cars camera) would it come down to his word against mine?


Louise Says:

The vast majority of officers work alone and detect speeding in a similar manner. You would have to cast a doubt on the officer’s account to be able to persuade the court to find you not guilty.

I will be happy to look at the officer’s statement for you when the summons comes through. I take it you were warned that you are likely to be summonsed for this matter and that the speed is too high for a fixed penalty.

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