Can I be prosecuted for driving to close to the car in front if the driver in front is driving 25 miles an hour and i am two car lengths behind. It was sunny and dry conditions.

Emma Says:

If you were two car lengths behind then you should be okay – tell me what’s actually happened? This is a bit hypothetical.

Have you been summonsed to court? Have you been warned you are going to be summonsed.

I presume the other driver has suggested that you were tailgating him?


I was driving behind a car which was driving at speeds between 20 – 30 miles an hour in the outside lane, at the brow of the hill there was a police officer with a mobile speed camera, I did not attempt to over take the car, one of the officers stepped out, I thought to pull the driver in front of me over, instead he waved him on and pulled me in.

He said he thought I was driving a bit close to the other car, to which I replied he should have pulled the other driver over because of the way he was driving.

The officer did not like me telling him how to do his job and then called me a man with an attitude and proceeded to check my vehicle over. I was driving a two year old x.

I was on my way to pick up my x from x rail station and told him I was in a hurry. He said with my attitude he was going to nick me for something.and continued to book me saying he was going to nick me for driving without due care and attention.

When asked did I have anything to say I told him cobblers I was driving at 25 miles an hour two car lengths behind the other vehicle. He then said see you in court.

Emma Says:

For future reference its “yes sir, no sir” when dealing with police officers. When it gets to court the officer will state that you were a lot closer than you accept.

Keep me informed of any developments.

It sounds as though you will get a summons for due care and attention – which carries 3-9 points. Have you got any points already?

I will be able to help you with this matter and based on what you have said we might be able to get the matter withdrawn without trial.

I will remain in the background until you hear further.

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