I Am A Taxi Driver – Amber Light


On Sat x I was stopped by a lone police woman in a town car for jumping a red traffic light. I denied that the light was red but put my hands up to crossing an amber light. Her witness statement does not tell the truth and does not represent the interview very well. There is also an element of persecution revolving around this.

I was summoned to court on the x, delayed to the x, where I entered a plea of not guilty and asked for the video evidence from her car or the street cameras to be presented. I did not attend court and the case was then to be heard on the x 2010.

On the x I had a letter, dated the xth, from the CPS asking me to contact them and the court within 14 days if I wished to review the prosecution material. I wrote back the same day to both the CPS and the court the same stating that I wished the evidence to be brought into court on the x.

This being a bank holiday weekend I assumed this evidence would not be in court and again I didn’t appear, especially since I had at least another 14 days.

The case was heard on the x and in my absence and without the evidence. I was fined a total of £895.00.

I immediately appealed this and the case is now to go before the crown court here in x. I have a notification letter dated the x  from the court that I have to make a listing representation by 10.00hrs on the x. The case is on the warned list for the week commencing x.

Graham says:

Good to speak to you. The officer has to prove her case he case beyond reasonable doubt – you have to cast a doubt to win. Therefore the burden is very much on the officer rather than you.

If you accept you went through on amber then you will need to prove that it was not safe to stop.

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