Traffic Light – I Went Through On Green


I was driving past a traffic light that was green, but there was traffic in front so I stopped slightly in front of the light, and let some pedestrians cross because one was a friend I just dropped off.

Once they were safely across I made sure the light was green, and joined the traffic probably going 5 mph, and moving 2m.

A police car then pulled up telling me I had run the red light and he was putting 3 points on my license and charging me £60.

I thought this was slightly drastic considering I do not believe the light was red.

I was told it was on camera, but not offered to be shown it, and I know a silver people carrier was behind me who also must of gone through the supposedly red light, but wasn’t stopped. I also don’t understand how my car can be on camera if the people carrier was behind me.

I was wondering if there is anything I can do or should I appeal as i feel that I’m certain the light was green.

Graham Says:

If you are certain that the light was on green then you have a defence. I doubt the incident was caught on camera – officers often say that to make it sounds as though the evidence against you is a lot stronger than just their word against yours.

Bear in mind that going through on amber is an offence unless you can show that it was not safe to stop.

Have you got a clean licence? If not how many points have you got?

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