Taxi Driver – Fail To Stop And Report


I can only offer mitigation as I was unaware I had made contact with the other vehicle I was parked next to. I want to avoid a ban. I work as a taxi driver and have had a clean licence over 20 years. I have never had a complaint about my driving to the cab co.

I was driving my own vehicle at time of accident I pulled out of the parking space and scraped the car next to me without realising as my car has large tyres that scrape on the wing during tight turns anyway. The first I was aware was my insurance company contacting me.

I confirmed there was a scrape on my car and they settled the claim. The police then decided to prosecute me. What can I do to ensure I keep my licence as loss of would cause loss of my cab and unemployment.

Dominic says:

You have a defence if you were unaware of the contact with the other vehicle.

Have you got a court summons or just a notice from the police?

I can help you with this matter and I may be able to persuade the CPS to drop the case based on what you have said and as long as the insurance company are resolving the claim for damages. Have you got any points on your licence? You are looking at 5-10 for fail to stop and report.

Have you got any statements attached to the summons? If so scan them to me and I will have a look early next week.

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