Fail To Stop And Report And Driving Recklessly


I scraped a car on the passenger side, it was parked quite close to the junction of a main road and as I was in a queue of traffic coming onto the main road and I could not stop as there was a pedestrian crossing with the usual restrictions I proceeded further along and pulled into a Tesco car park.

By the time I had written out my details and telephone number and walked back to the vehicle it had moved so I was unable to leave my message.

A chap who had seen the incident had approached me in the car park and I assume he is the one who reported the incident to the police, I did not realise I had to report it as no one was injured but they are looking at reckless driving and fail to stop / report traffic collision I have never been involved in a driving offence in 40 years of driving.

Please advise as I am terribly worried I may lose my licence

Dominic says:

First things first, based on what you have said you are not going to lose your licence over this matter.

I have been dealing with this area of law for over 20 years and that is not a real risk unless things were a lot more serious that you have outlined here.

Have you received a request from the police to identify the driver at the time of the alleged offence? If so you need to name yourself. This is not an admission of guilt to the offences alleged.

Fail to stop and report does carry 5-10 points so you have to take it seriously.

Can you tell me what stage you are at. I may be able to persuade the police to leave this matter to the insurance companies to deal with. I succeed in dissuading the police form taking further action in over 80% of the cases that I take on.

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