Car In Front Slammed On Brakes – No Contact


Failing to stop at an accident. failing to report it to the police. Driving with undue care & attention.

A driver on a lonely country road slammed on his brakes twice in front of me bringing us both to a stop in a dangerous s bend. When we came out of the bending knowing the road well and it was now a straight road I over took the car and drove home. Never thinking anything more about it. We were going about 2 mph when I decided to overtake him.

Later the police came to me to say I had hit his car and not stopped and there was a witness 2 – meters away at a cross road that saw and heard me hit his car. I was driving a 13 yr old diesel rover car a bit rattily but I never heard or felt the so called bump or I would have stopped.

I suffer from chronic depression and was totally stressed out by this drivers behaviour but I did not hear or feel any thing at all. But the police and even my own solicitor are saying I must have but at that fearful point I did not.

My solicitor as asked me to plead guilty but if I do I would be a lie because I really did not hear or feel a thing, there was no contact. The other drivers car had a scrap over the back wheel arch where I was supposed to have pulled round him and a broken wing mirror.

Dominic says:

If you have a solicitor already then you should probably take their advice. I haven’t seen the statements in the case and therefore they are better placed to advise you.

I would be happy to help you with this matter if you have lost confidence in them but I would want to see all the case statement first?

You have a defence to fail to stop and report if we can show that you were not aware of the contact between the vehicles. We will also have a defence to the due care and attention matter if we can show that the standard of your driving didn’t fall in anyway.

You are at risk of 3-9 points. Have you got any points already? Has anyone talked about you doing the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution?

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