Minor Bump In Car Park


My wife has received from the Met police a request for information. It has been alleged that she drove without due care, and failed to report an accident. This all refers to her parking in a supermarket car park. She says that she remembers slightly touching a parked car when trying to park in a tight space, but looked out the window and did not see any damage.

What should we do and what the realistic outcomes here, it was only a very minor bump?

Dominic says:

You need to write back naming her as the driver otherwise she will get 6 points for failing to name the driver.

She could be at risk of 5-10 points for fail to stop and report and driving without due care and attention.

I have a very good track record at dissuading the police from taking further action in relation to these matters. I succeed over 83% of the time in avoiding court proceedings.

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With a comprehensive knowledge of Uk motoring law, Dominic is an invaluable member of the Patterson Law team his specialist areas include; - drink-driving - failing to name driver - failing to stop - failing to report - special reasons arguments
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