Someone Ran Over My Dog And Failed To Stop


My dog got off its lead on Tuesday night 16th march. The police witnessed the whole thing. A girl knocked her down, she stopped looked over her shoulder and then drove off.

48 hours later she still hasn’t reported it. Is this breaking the law on her behalf and can I prosecute her as I had £180 vet bill to pay.

Dominic says:

She could be prosecuted for failing to stop and report an accident and you should push the police on that front. This is on the basis that damage was caused to property (your dog)..!

You might not get compensation from her insurance company as they will probably argue that the dog should have been on the lead and ran out in front of the driver.

That might be a valid point. Push the police to prosecute and you might get some compensation in the magistrates court. She would also be at risk of 5-10 points.

Sorry about your dog. I hope she is okay now!

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