I Wasn’t The Driver!


Driving without due care and attention / failing to stop / failing to report.

I am not guilty of these allegations, the driver who made them is the guilty one. My dilemma is how do I prove it?

Dominic says:

I need to know more about what has actually happened to be able to help you. Are you saying that you were not the driver at the time of the alleged offences? Were you sent a NIP asking you to name the driver or has someone else named you as the driver?

Have you got a hearing date for court? You need to cast a doubt on the suggestion that you were driving at the time. The prosecution have to prove that you were beyond reasonable doubt.

You are at risk of 5-10 points for these offences. Do you have any points already? If so, how many?

I have tried to call you to do a free advice call and I have left a message.

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