Failing To Stop And Failing To Report An Accident


My son is charged with failing to stop and failing to report an accident. He intended to report the next day within 24 hours, however the police contacted him first, he went voluntarily to the police station and was charged, much less than 24hrs after the accident.

The charge says he didn’t report within 24 hours but he didn’t get the opportunity. He accepts the not reporting but should he challenge the 24 hour thing?

Dominic says:

We have defended many similar allegations on the basis that our clients didn’t get chance to report within 24 hours before the police arrived on the doorstep – so yes he does have a potential defence.

Having said that it won’t make a huge amount of difference if he didn’t stop and gets 5-10 points for that…

Has he got any points already or is he a new driver?

Can you tell me more about what actually happened and I will be able to assist further.

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