Though Fully Comp Insurance Covered Me


I have just produced my documents at police station after spot stop check.

No insurance for car that I was driving (my moms)

I have looked at your site and being fully comp with my own car I was also under the impression that I was covered to drive any car.

Is this worth fighting?

My moms car which is fully comp we both have our insurance from direct line.

I already have 4 points. Is it an automatic 6 points or more … police havn’t told me what they plan to do waiting to hear from them


Paula Says:

You may have a special reasons argument to avoid the 6 points if you can show that you though you were covered and that you were misled into thinking this.

You will probably get a summons to court if the police did not offer you a fixed penalty at the time.

You will automatically get 6-8 points which will put you at risk of a totting ban if you have 4 already.

Come back to me and we maybe able to avoid this by making a special reasons or exceptional hardship argument.

How long have you been driving? You could be facing revocation too if its less than 2 years?

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