My Car Had Been Stolen


I have received a letter from Avon and Somerset police through the post, I have no insurance on the car but I was not driving the car, my car got stolen from outside my house, can I still get done for having no insurance, I had a drink driving and no insurance disqualification 5 years ago, if I did get done would they still disqualify or just give me point on my licence?

Paula Says:

If you keep a vehicle on a public road then it must be insured. The police are likely to be sympathetic (as is the court) if the vehicle had been stolen. But they have to believe you.

If they think you have lied about the vehicle being stolen in order to avoid a no insurance charge then you will be at risk of a much more serious offence of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The court can convict you if they think that you were the driver at the time and it will depend on what evidence the police have.

You would get 6-8 points or a ban because of your previous driving record.

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