I Thought It Was A 40 Limit


Hi I’m wondering if you can help I have just received a notice that I was doing 38 on a 30 road in Dewsbury. I can remember seeing a 30 sign I’m sure its a 40 road they have sent me a notice. Re some theory I maybe able to site. Can u help me please?

Louise Says:

I am the lawyer that answers the questions from Motoring First’s Clients.

I am happy to give you some initial free advice.

Now that you have accepted that you were the driver the police have offered you the chance to do the speed awareness course. This is an alternative to points and fines. If you accept the course then you won’t get any additional penalties and the points will stay off your licence.

If you dispute the speed alleged then you should consider rejecting the course and asking for a court hearing but if you have a court hearing and lose you face higher fines and court costs.

If you accept the speed then I suggest you take the course.

Sometimes signs are not required. The road can be a 30 limit because there is a system of street lighting in place. Not knowing the speed limit would not amount to a defence.


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