Thought My Father Had Insured Me…Totting Ban?


I was stopped and the officer found out I had no insurance. I passed a year and a half ago, and since I wasn’t in employment my father agreed to pay the insurance for 2 years. Unfortunately he left the country to go abroad a month before it expired, and my partner was expecting our first child around the same time, and had complications which meant she was hospitalised.

This meant I couldn’t be at home as often, and perhaps I would have realised the error. I was therefore driving without insurance for a month.

My partner works, and I travel to take our daughter to feed since she doesn’t take formula, and am in the process of getting a job as a delivery agent. My mum also has diabetes which means I have to do a lot of traveling in picking up my sister.

I also had 3 points prior to the event for driving 84mph in a 70 zone, and therefore would be disqualified under the toting up system. I opted for a court hearing, and am wondering what my chances are of leniency in receiving the points which would disqualify me?

Paula Says:

From what you have said you may have a special reasons argument to avoid the points on the basis that you were driving under the genuine misapprehension that you were insured at the time of the alleged offence.

You get 6 points for a first no insurance offence. If you have 3 points already you are not going to get a totting ban. You would only have 9 in total…?

Are you a new driver? Have you been driving for more that two years in total?

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