Time Wrong On Speed Camera


Hi, I have a speeding fine for doing 37 mph in a 30mph zone.

If the camera is showing the time wrong of the incident and I have some evidence to state that the camera time is wrong would I still be prosecuted? The police think they have still enough evidence to prosecute.

I was visiting the hospital and have a parking ticket which the time was checked both by my wife and I when we left the car. Knowing that the distance of the camera is only 1 minute away from the hospital it makes the camera time to be at least 3/4 minutes incorrect.

Do I have a case and is it worth pursuing or do I just pay the £60 and go on the correction course they have offered?

Louise Says:

The prosecution have to prove the allegation against you beyond reasonable doubt. If you are able to cast a doubt on the reliability of their evidence – for example if the time on the camera is wrong – you may stand a chance of being found not guilty.

How do you know that the time recorded on the parking ticket is not unreliable?

The risk is that the court may feel that you are being pedantic and that the issue is whether or not you were caught speeding rather than the precise time of the offence.

The court may take the view that the evidence of speed is still reliable. If you were on 9 points I might suggest that it was worth a try – but if you have no points and you have been offered the speed awareness course then you may be better off biting the bullet and taking the course.

Come back to me if you are up for a fight and happy with the risk.

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