I Told Insurance Company I Had Full Driving Licence


Car accident

Had a car accident last week. I was coming out of a side road into a main road. There was car in front of which was going forward so I indicated to go left.

Suddenly he reversed to go into a parking bay on the right hand side, not looking at his side mirror but concentrating only on his right not his left where I was. He reversed into me and had the full impact on my front. He has scratches on his left, back side.

I have contacted him as we exchanged number and addresses. I received a letter from his car insurance within a week. Asking that I send in my licence etc. The thing is I am a provisional driver. I have a car insurance but I said that I am a full driver. What shall I do.

I have offered to pay stating that I don’t want my car premium to go up. He has declined at he reckon that it was a company car and that they are sorting it out. What do I do?

Paula Says:

I’m afraid you going to have to tell the truth. They will probably then report you for driving without insurance and you will get 6-8 points or a ban from driving.

If you don’t tell him your insurance company will get involved and they will probably tell the police that you made a fraudulent application for the insurance cover and that will get you into even deeper trouble I’m afraid.

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