Insurance Company Removed Me As A Named Driver


Driving without insurance

I am an additional driver on my girlfriend’s (x) 3rd party insurance. She has kept up to date with insurance payments for 10 years. I am a new driver and she kindly went with a cheaper car insurance agency and put me on as additional driver. It is a family car and I use it to provide youth services which I will no longer be able to do without my car.

I was pulled over on x by the police saying they cannot find insurance on the car. We have made all payments throughout the year, however the company changed their policy and no longer insure those under 30 years of age.

We did not receive a letter explaining this, and x with 10 years of driving assumed like all her other previous insurance companies they would renew automatically. While with the police I called x and and she found that the insurance ended 2 weeks before I was stopped.

I have a full driving licence MOT and Tax and driving under the impression I was fully insured. We are both professional young adults working on a new family. We have never been in trouble with the police and obviously this was an honest mistake.

Which could have been avoided had the insurance company made a courtesy call to find out if we had received their letter. I am starting a new Yoga/Martial rts business and x is a Teacher through an agency so money is not regular and this will cost us dearly and I will loss my licence for being an honest citizen!

Many people drive around intentionally without any legal documents whatsoever and they are not penalised in this way, I think it is outrageous. Is their some way you can help or give some helpful advice.

Paula Says:

It maybe possible to persuade the CPS to drop this matter on the basis that there was no criminality on your part. I think you have reasonable prospects of achieving this on the basis that you were driving under the genuine and reasonable misapprehension that you were insured.

What stage are you at? Have you got a court summons or are you still dealing with the police?

The only other way to avoid revocation would be to persuade the court that you have special reasons and that no points should be imposed. You have a very good argument in that regard if your girlfriend will support your application. This way you would avoid being revoked.

If you would like my help with this matter then come back to me and I will be happy to assist.

We charge private fixed fees for our services. I could to try and get the police to take no further action. If the case is before the court then I could to try and get the CPS to withdraw – if we succeed then I would get your legal costs back for you. See our fees here

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