Speeding With No Insurance And No Driving Licence


Speeding, no licence, no insurance

Hi I haven’t driven for over 5 years after two drink driving bans, I have no licence or insurance and was at a friends house to stay the night when my 15 yr old called distressed because he thought someone was trying to get into the house.

Everyone had been drinking but I had not as I had work the next day. I drove home and was caught by a camera doing 62 in a 50, there were no other cars on the road, it was very quiet. What kind of penalty will I be looking at?

Louise Says:

You will get 6-8 penalty points and a hefty fine. You may get banned from driving again for a while.

The court will take the view that you should have called the police to get them to go to the house rather than driving yourself.

If you were banned at the time that you drove you will be at risk of a community sentence or prison.

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