I Took Over Driving Because My Mum Felt Unwell


Driving Without Insurance

Hi I was sitting in my sisters car and my mum was driving. She had an appointment at the hospital, we were round the corner from the hospital literally 5 mins away and she didn’t feel good and couldn’t drive anymore so I drove the car from there.

As soon as I turned into the hospital the police officer stopped me and checked that I didn’t know I thought that I had insurance, but I am a named driver on another car and a van the police officer gave me a producer which I get 6 points and a £200 fine.

I have been passed for 4 years nearly and I am 22 years old. How long will it take to clear the points and is there another way round this thank you?

Paula Says:

I’m afraid that there is no way of avoiding the points in relation to this matter unless you can show that you were driving in the context of a genuine medical emergency. You would need to prove it was a matter of life and death for the court to find that the penalty points should not be imposed on your licence.

You are going to get 6 penalty points on your licence for this matter and a fine. The penalty points last for 3 years and can be removed after they have been on your driving licence for 4 years.

If you get 12 penalty points on your licence within a 3 years period you would get a totting ban for 6 months unless you can persuade the court that you will suffer exceptional hardship as a result.

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