I Was Told To Produce Within 28 Days?


I was traveling on the A4 through a 40mph limit and got caught doing 56mph by an officer with a speed gun. He went through the normal procedures and he told me I had 28 days to produce my documents and pay the fine.

However, taking my speeding ticket and all relevant documents to the police station the receptionist pointed out it says produce documents within 7 days and pay within 28 days.

So, they took copies of my details anyway and sent them off. I have now received a letter from the fixed penalty support unit mentioning court. The letter is attached. I’m a bit worried about this as I am a University student with not a lot of money and was wondering if you could give me some advise and how to set about solving this

 Louise Says:

I’m afraid it’s due to the fact that you produced late. You will have a defence failing to produce on the basis that you have a reasonable excuse, namely that the officer told you that you had 28 days.

Having said that the court may find that the HORT 1 that you were given specified 7 days to produce so you need to check that.

You should explain that you are on a low income to the court and this will help to keep any fines (if convicted) to a minimum.


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