I Was Told Vehicle Came With Insurance


I am a student immigrant in the UK and I drove for the very first time a car I did not know but later understood was not insured. I bought the car from the seller where I was told that the MOT, Road Tax and Insurance were intact.

I collected the MOT and Road Tax documents but I was told by the seller that I am insured under him to drive it to my place of board and then get it insured under my name. I had believed the seller, to whom I explained my vulnerability about the traffic law since i just got to the UK newly.

I then drove the car with this intent in my mind that I was insured. I never wanted to drive without insurance, and if I had known that what the seller told me was wrong I would not have driven the car, but due to my ignorance and illusion I confidently took the car.

I was convicted two months ago, but I have always thought that I do not deserve this conviction since the owner knowing fully well that I needed to be insured made me to drive the car to fulfill the deceitfulness of his aim to sell or get rid of the car at all cost, thus as a result putting me into problem unknowingly.

I have just thought this is injustice. Do you please have any advice for me if I can prove beyond reasonable doubts that I drove the car without a willful act.

Thanks and hope to receive from you.

Paula Says:

I’m afraid that it is your responsibility to make sure that all your documents are in order before you drive.

You will have got 6-8 points on your driving licence and you will need to urgently appeal the decision out of time if you want to make a special reasons argument.

Come back to me if you would like my help but I would charge you private fee to give it a go and I cannot promise you that we will succeed.

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