Totting Up 12 Points!


I wish to know how long penalty points stay on my driving licence..I have 3 speeding offences.

Offence SP30 14/10/x 3 points

Offence SP3027/9/x 3 points

Offence MS9024/6/x 6 point

I have today received a speeding notice for an alleged offence on Sunday 28/3.

Will this give me 12 points?

Graham Says:

Points remain effective on your licence for three years from the date of offence. The court look at whether the offences were within three years of each other when assessing how many points should be taken into account.

This means that your oldest points drop off the licence on the 13.10 x. Therefore you will be at risk of a totting ban for 12 months as a result of the new offence irrespective of when you eventually get dealt with at court. You can avoid the ban by either defending the allegation or by persuading the court that you have a strong exceptional hardship argument.

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