6 Penalty Points And A Ban


My husband had three points for speeding on his licence. Last September he had an accident for which he has just been to court for the offences of driving without due care and attention and leaving the scene of the accident.

He got 6 points for this – probably not bad under the circumstances. Unfortunately he just got caught speeding again and got another three points (in court, as he was stopped by the police) so has lost his licence for 6 months.

This affects his job and his mental health (he is on anti-depressants after being made redundant a year ago and has just started a new business running a mobile disco – which is obviously badly affected). He wants to appeal against the length of the ban – what’s the best basis to appeal on?

Graham Says:

Did he make an exceptional hardship argument to try and avoid the ban? I would have expected him to have had a good chance of success in relation to the grounds that you have raised.

If successfully it would have been unlikely that he would have been banned at all. We succeed with over 90% of these arguments and in nearly all our cases the magistrates impose no ban at all.

Was he represented?

Come back to me if you would like my help launching an appeal against sentence to the crown court. If he didn’t make an argument in the magistrates court we may be able to get them to reopen the sentencing exercise to consider his grounds. It would be worth a try.

I charge a fixed fee for my services and if you are interested in my help then please come back to me. We have to act fast though – when was he sentenced?

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