9 Points And 3 More Coming!


Caught by a police patrol car unipar sl700

On my way to work 05.12 early morning caught again 20 minutes later trying not to be late for work after first policeman kept me for half an hour knowing I was going to work a bad day just went worse I have 9 points already.

Graham Says:

You are facing a 6 month ban under the totting up rules I’m afraid. You will need to argue exceptional hardship to try and avoid the ban if you are unable to defend the allegation.

What speed is the officer alleging? Do you accept that you were traveling too fast?

I have tried to call you to do a free advice call.

Come back to me if you would like to speak to me. I save over 90% of my clients from this type of ban and I will be happy to assist. I assume that you have got a court hearing date?

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