No Insurance And 9 Points On Licence


I already have 9 points on my licence but the police have issued me with a fixed penalty notice for 6 points and a £200 fine. What are my options in this case?

Do I pay the fine and take the points or not pay it and wait until I am called to court as I have went over my points.

Paula Says:

If you try and accept the fixed penalty the police will spot the 9 points that you already have and you will be summonsed to court. Therefore you might as well get on with it and ask for a court hearing – as long as all the previous 9 points were in the last three years.

You are facing a minimum 6 month ban under the totting up rules. I help over 91% of my clients avoid this type of ban.

Can you tell me more about the impact of the ban and I will be able to help further. Are you still going to be able to work. Have you got anyone that relies on you to be able to drive? Tell me more and I will help further.

What went wrong with your insurance? We may have a reason to avoid the points altogether.

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