My Mum Has Been Banned


I’m doing this on behalf of my mum. She drove to the local hospital the day my grandfather died with no insurance and with everything going on she forgot about renewing it until a week later she was stopped.

She was at court and got banned for 6 months. However as a result she will have no job and under the circumstances she was in I was wondering if she could appeal?

Graham Says:

Your mum may well have been able to persuade the CPS not to proceed with the case if there were extenuating circumstances and there was no criminality on her part. We have succeeded in doing this with the CPS previously when someone has been rushing to the hospital bed of a loved one.

Did your mum try and persuade the court that being banned would cause her exceptional hardship? We have a 91% success rate in avoiding this type of ban and if your mum has lost her job as a result of the ban this would have been the start of a good argument.

The court has a discretion not to ban someone who has got 12 points on their licence if they agree it would cause them or those that rely on them exceptional hardship.

Your mum should appeal if she is suffering hardship but if the court don’t agree she could get some extra court costs.

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