No Insurance And 6 Points Already


I got pulled over by the police the other day for not having any insurance but I didn’t realise that I didn’t have insurance on the car. But I did admit to having no insurance on the car in the end but said I didn’t know that I wasn’t insured on the car. What point and fine do you think I will get for this??

And how long do points stay on your licence for? I’ve already got 6 points on my licence but they were in x and x??

Paula Says:

What had gone wrong with your insurance? You are facing a 6 month ban if you get convicted of this but you may have a special reasons argument to avoid the points. Tell me more about what went wrong and I may be able to help further.

The points stay on your licence for 3 years from the date of offence and the court looks back three years from the date of the current offence.


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