Red Traffic Light Offence


I really need some advice, I think I’m in danger of totting up 12 points and really can’t afford to lose my licence. I was in an rta in January but I was driving with no insurance so I’m expecting 6 points, I’m also expecting another 3 points for driving 60mph in a 50mph zone.

Now I’m worried because I was driving to work in my a company vehicle and I tried to catch the traffic light before it went on red and the next thing I know I was flashed, I’ve never known that there were cameras on traffic lights and I could do with some advice. thank you.

Graham Says:

If you get 12 points on your licence and all the offences are within 3 years of each other you get a minimum 6 month ban unless you can defend the allegation or show the court that the ban would cause you or those that rely on you exceptional hardship.

You are going to have to wait and see whether or not the lease car company for the company car get a NIP within the next 14 days for the red light matter. If they do they will name you and then you will have to go to court and fight for your licence Im afraid.

We are very good at exceptional hardship arguments and if you do get a notice and you want my help then please come back to me. We have won over 91% of these arguments over the last 4 years and i would be happy to assist.

Fingers crossed the NIP doesn’t come.

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