Daughter Supposed To Sort Out Insurance – I Face Totting Ban


I was stopped by Patrol Car, when looking for my documents I found that my insurance is not up to date, I thought my daughter who works for the company had renewed it after supplying me with the quote.

I have six points on my licence and my job is a lorry driver. I fear I will lose my job, if I get more points. I have to produce by tomorrow.

Paula Says:

If you thought your daughter had renewed the insurance then you will have a strong special reasons argument to avoid the points. This will be on the basis that you were driving under the genuine belief that you were covered. Will your daughter back you up on this issue if it doesn’t mean she will get into trouble.

If this doesn’t work you will have an exceptional hardship argument to try and avoid the ban. I help over 90% of my clients win these arguments.

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