Fight The Allegation Or Fight The Ban?


I currently have 9 points on my licence and was caught speeding again last week doing 97mph. I was given a fixed penalty of 3 points and a 60 pound fine. I haven’t been to the police station as yet to hand over my licence.

What would your advice be to either try and fight the 3 points and request it go to court as I drive for a living and would mean I lose my job which then would affect my home as I could not afford to keep up mortgage payments or take the 3 points and get banned.

Graham Says:

You should only fight the allegation if you don’t think you were speeding and you are able to cast a doubt on the officer’s suggestion that you were. If you fight it and lose you will end up just annoying the court and they they wont have much sympathy when they are deciding whether or not to ban you.

If you accept the speed alleged its better to plead guilty (you wont be able to take the ticket because they will withdraw it when they realise that you have 9 points already) and then argue that the ban would cause you exceptional hardship. It sounds like you have good grounds.

I help over 90% of my clients succeed with this argument and I will be happy to assist.

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