About to get 15 points



Date of alleged offence: x March and x April

On both occasions I was caught by the mobile camera van which hides just before the speed limited changes from 30 to 60 on the A38 at x where I live the camera recorded my speed as 37 and 39mph respectively. I did not think I was going this fast. Unfortunately I have already attended the speed awareness course almost 3 years ago.

I have not yet replied to the notice received for the 2nd speeding offence as I already have 9 points I am not sure what to do if I get 15 points. Losing my licence will cause considerable hardship as I live in a rural community with only 1 bus a week.

How many points have you got on your licence from the last 3 years: 9

How long have you been driving: 22 years

Graham Says:

Have you got a court hearing date through yet? You are going to have to make sure that these two matters are brought together in the same court otherwise you could use up your exceptional hardship argument on one of them and not be able to use the same argument again when the other case is finalised.

You are going to have to either defend both of these which is unlikely or you will have to persuade the court that the ban will cause you or those that rely on you exceptional hardship. It sounds as though you have the basis of a good argument. Its not easy though and statistically only 39% of these arguments succeed. We are succeeding just over 90% of the time at the moment.

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