I Wont Be Able To Get Another Job


9 points to date. 2 speeding offences + 1 offence for mobile phone usage within the last 2 yrs. I am 60 yr old single service engineer, driving an average of 50000 miles per year.

I also drive taxi’s P/T. If a ban is awarded, the chances of new employment and a job at my age is pretty slim. What chances do you think I have for pleading mitigating circumstances?


It sounds as though you will have a really good exceptional hardship argument. Having said that you cannot take these things for granted. We have lost a really strong one just today. We don’t lose many but the court decides each case on its merits and the grounds have to be exceptional.

Have you got a hearing date through yet? If so, when is it?

I will be happy to assist you with this matter. Despite the case today we win over 90% of these arguments. The national success rate according to the MOJ is only 39% so we seem to make a real difference.

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