Totting Up Ban – Misled By Officer


Driving no insurance

I was unaware I wasn’t insured. I thought I was with Churchill. I bought the car 4 weeks ago. I have the car babk now, I sorted my insurance out that day. I have 6 points on my licence already and can’t afford to lose my licence.

The police officer said I should get 3 points and a fine but I’m so scared they’re going to disqualify myself from driving as I was disqualified 2 yrs ago for 15 months for drink driving.

I’m self employed and rely on my car. Thanks for your help

Paula Says:

I’m afraid that the officer misled you. The minimum points for a no insurance matter is 6 and that is set down by law. Therefore you are at risk of a totting ban for 6 months, but don’t panic.

I help over 91% of my clients avoid that type of ban and will be happy to assist. I also need to know what went wrong with the insurance so that we can discuss whether or not you have a special reasons argument to avoid the points in the first place.

It would be good to have a chat. Why don’t you call me and I will be happy to assist further and we can agree the best way forward. It will be a free call.

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