Totting Ban – Does Representation Help?


How likely is it that I can avoid a ban by using legal representation?

Graham Says:

The answer is not simply – it depends.

The court has to decide whether you or those that rely on you (or both) would suffer exceptional hardship as a result of the ban. The strength of the argument is down to your circumstances. Its then all about the way that you present it to the Magistrates.

I have taken on two cases recently with two very articulate and intelligent clients who tried to represent themselves at court and lost their licences.

Their exceptional hardship arguments were really strong and they shouldn’t have lost. We are now appealing to the crown court against sentence. The arguments were so strong I can only put it down to presentational issues.

The national success rate for these arguments is 39% succeed – we succeed 91%of the time, I would suggest that the figures speak for themselves.

Lets talk about your argument and I can assess your prospects of success and we can go from there.

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