Two Offences In Quick Succession


Since driving in 1974 I have had no previous convictions at all. (Not even a parking ticket).

It is alleged that on 2 separate incidents over a period of 2 days I was detected traveling at 36mph in a 30mph limit by an automatic camera.

I cannot remember the incidents in question but would not have thought my speed was any different than at any other times I have passed these cameras over the number of years I have been driving I cannot believe that I have been lucky for 30+ years and why would I start exceeding speed limits now.

I also find it odd that they are both identical at 36mph which makes me wonder the accuracy of 1 or both of these cameras.

Should I request to see the use certificate for each of the cameras together with the photographs taken/time interval between each and also the distance ( number of road marks passed ) I have been alleged to have traveled.

I would think that as both incidents say 36 mph the distance traveled/time laps between each photo etc. should be identical.
I have at the moment just received a letter from Sussex Police informing me that it is the role of the courts to decide any contested issues enclosing a form for a speed awareness course (Cost £105) which I can only accept on 1 of the incidents.

So basically I assume I have a choice of accepting 2 fixed penalty convictions for offences I do not feel I committed. or 1 fixed penalty conviction and a speed awareness course.
If I decide to contest this I cannot afford to take on the services of a solicitor due to my financial situation. I am medically retired and our income is solely from benefits.

Louise Says:

You have to decide if you accept the allegations. If you don’t then you should reject the fixed penalties and the offer of the course and take the matter to court. At court you will have to cast a doubt on the alleged speeds and if you do this you will win. If you lose you will face higher fines and court costs for both matters.

If you are not sure whether or not you were speeding and you are unable to corroborate your defence at court you will struggle and the court will probably accept the evidence from the speed camera.

You don’t get to see the detailed evidence in relation to calibration certificates etc. until you opt for a court hearing at which point you start losing credit if you don’t plead guilty at the earliest opportunity.

If you don’t remember these specific occasions I would suggest that you consider taking the course and one of the fixed penalties. You will need expert help to stand any real chance of contesting these matters I’m afraid.

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