Using A Mobile Whilst Driving


Hi I’ve just been stop by police saying that I was talking on my phone but the problem is that I was on a side road and they were on the main road.

The officer did not look at my calls or my phone he just left me off but he issued me a ticket do u think I can fight my case?

Paula Says:

You should only contest this matter if you do not accept that you were using a hand held mobile whilst driving. You are going to need to cast a doubt on the officer’s account of events and it will really help if you can get copies of your phone records from your phone provider to prove that you were not on the phone at the time alleged.

Do you accept that you were on your phone? Were you stationary or moving at the time when the officer says he saw you?

Tell me more and I may be able to help you defend this matter. Have you got any points already?

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