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Hi, I have been accused of using my mobile phone while driving but I wasn’t. I have a Garmin sat nav with hands free built in and this has been paired to my phone. I was talking at the time but not while holding my phone.

My driving was not affected and the police just said they saw me on the phone and that my driving was fine. I have checked my phone bill and I did not make any calls at the alleged time, I made a call 15 minutes after I was issued a ticket according to my bill (once I had reached home).

Please can you advice on what I should do? I haven’t been to court before and would appreciate your help.

Paula Says:

You have good prospects of defending this matter if you have a hands free kit and you can prove that.

Have you got a court summons? Does the officer say that he saw you holding the phone up to your ear? I will happily look at his statement if you can scan it to me?

You are going to have to give evidence and be cross examined by the prosecution. You will also get the chance to cross examine the officer about his account of events.

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