Warrant For My Arrest


In x I received a form from x police asking for the name of a driver with reference to an alleged speeding offence in my vehicle. I provided the driver details of my a friend who had borrowed the car (and was covered by my insurance).

I left the country a few months later and have lived in x ever since. Today a Bailiff turned up at my daughters house in England (where I have never lived) with a distress warrant for £710 for failing to provide driver details, the bailiff also informed my daughter that if I set foot in England I will be arrested.

Surely they cannot do this? What action can I take from Israel? I rang the bailiffs who were most unhelpful, just told me to pay up, but I did obtain the Reference number of the case. Thank you

Dominic Says:

You have been convicted of failing to name the driver in your absence. In addition to the fines you would have been given 3 or 6 points on your licence.

The person that you named as the driver could not have accepted it when he/she was written to the police. Either that or the police could not get hold of them.

You need to make a declaration to get the conviction set aside on the basis that you were unaware of the proceedings. This will reopen the case and you will be able to plead not guilty. Hopefully the prosecution will be persuaded to withdraw the proceedings without you needing to have a trial.

I can help you with this matter. We would have to arrange for the warrant to be withdrawn but I anticipate that you will have to come back to the UK at some stage to resolve this matter.

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