Wrong Surname On NIP


I got caught by a speed camera but the letter asking for the identity of the driver has my surname spelt incorrectly can I still be prosecuted?

Rob Says:

It’s debatable. If the notice has been sent to the correct address and you are the registered keeper of the car in question then the court may feel that you should have completed the form. How wrong is your surname spelling? Tell me what it says and what it should say?

If the mistake has been made by the DVLA and the vehicle is registered in the wrong surname then the argument will be more difficult than if the police have made the mistake when they typed up the notice.

Try and figure out whose fault it is by calling the DVLA – did you put the wrong name on the v5?

Tell me more and I will help further. You have to be careful because you may put yourself at risk of 6 points for failing to name the driver.

Have you got any points already? You would probably get the speed awareness course rather than any points in relation to this matter so you may want to take it on the chin rather than take the risk?


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