Went Through On Amber Light


Hi, I have trial date coming up where I am contesting the red traffic light offence.

I admitted that I went through amber lights at the point where I was stopped by the police.

There were 2 police officers in the patrol car. The policeman wrote the incorrect time and date on the notice that was given to me. The police were on the right side of me as I went through amber lights.

Thanks for any help given.

Graham Says:

If you have admitted that you went through on amber then you have admitted the offence. Its an offence to go through the light on red or amber. You can only defend going through on amber if you can show that it was not safe to stop.

You will have to prove that issue by giving evidence on oath.

The mistakes regarding the timing will be irrelevant if you have admitted going through on amber.

Was it safe to stop?

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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