Why Didn’t The Police Warn Me Before I Did It?


I got out my car outside my home and a police car roared up to me from nowhere. The policeman asked me if my name was x x, I said yes. he then asked me to get in the back of the car, I did.

He said to me do you only have a provisional licence, I said yes, he said we have had information that you have been driving around on one.

He then had my car removed to a compound and said I would have to pay £150 to have it back outside my home the next day which didn’t make sense to take it then me pay that amount to put it back in the same spot.

My point is why did they not call to my home as soon as they got the information and warn me not to drive the car on a provisional. It seemed to me he waited for me to commit the offence as it now goes to court.

Is there a way of finding out when they received the information on me and if they should of called on me promptly and warned me rather than waiting for me to commit the offence. Its like saying I know that mans got a knife so lets wait till he uses it rather than prevent it.

Paula Says:

There is an argument for police to warn drivers to stop illegal behaviour in the first instance, but in this instance, they were responding to a reported allegation and then caught you in the act. Unfortunately, that is their job and is what they are paid to do.

The only way to avoid such situations is to only drive within the remit of your current driving licence.

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