Will I Get A Chance To Give My Account Of Events


Failing to stop at scene of an accident

The car in front stopped abruptly in front of me, I paused a while then drove around this car. I then noticed the same car flashing and waving, I pulled in to see if there was a problem. They accused me of banging into them this was not true.

I have now been summoned. I intend to plead not guilty but cannot afford costs if this goes further. Will I get the opportunity to explain? Though I have no legal representation.

Dominic says:

If you plead not guilty you will have a trial. You will then give your account of events on oath and you will be cross examined by the prosecution.

If the court accepts that you were unaware of the any accident – or that no accident actually took place – then you will be found not guilty.

If the court does not accept your account of events then you will be convicted and you will face higher fines and court costs than if you had pleaded guilty in the first place I’m afraid.

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