What Will The Sentence Be?


Hello there, I was told to email you to get a rough idea on what could happen with my court case?

It is a road traffic offence.

My offences were:

Riding without L plates.

Riding without rear number plate.

Riding without insurance.

And there was one other but I have sent of the paper work so I do not have to go to court, although I’m not sure that was a good idea?

Anyway I would love a reply, please give me the best and worse news re probable sentence?

Thank you very much

Paula Says:

You are at risk of 6-8 points and a hefty fine. You can still take your test and pass and then drive but your insurance premiums will be a lot higher with the points and you will also get your licence revoked if you get any more points within the first 2 years after passing your test.

The fine will depend on how much disposable income you have but is likely to be around £500 ish.

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