Without Due Care – Driver Improvement Course


If the Police have not asked me to take a driving improvement scheme can I ask them? I was told by a solicitor that I could not take this for careless driving?

Also can I still take it if the court date is set (29.04.2010) But my brother is suing me for compensation so will it have to go to court. Is there any legal aid as I am on Job Seekers Allowance & currently representing myself?

Emma Says:

It is possible sometime to get the CPS to let you do the driver improvement course and withdraw the proceedings against you. It all depends on the facts of your case and how serious the allegation is. If they agree to withdraw you avoid points and court fines.

I am sorry but you are unlikely to be able to get legal aid in relation to this matter because it’s not imprisonable.

Come back to me if you would like my help with this matter. We have very good success rates at getting these matters withdraw and our clients on the driver improvement course instead.

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